On the Farm

Image description: Farmland

On the Farm


Image description: Edward, a farmer, looks out across his fields at dusk.


Farm stress comes from a variety of economic and environmental challenges. The promise of a successful harvest isn’t a guarantee, and the financial reward of a good year can be wiped out by next year’s unexpected disaster. Edward Jenkins can’t rest easy when he doesn’t know what the next day will bring.

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Image description: Will Gilmer, a dairy farmer, looks down as he works in his family dairy farm.


When the weight of managing a farm collides with the pressures of maintaining the farm’s legacy, tough decisions must be made to ensure its survival. Will Gilmore must balance the financial needs of his family with his devotion to the farming tradition he continues.

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Image description: Steven, a farmer, sits on his porch.


Farming is tough; it’s even tougher when injury strikes. Agricultural accidents can occur at any time and can threaten the viability of small farming operations. Steven Sanford finds how helpless one can feel when injury sidelines an essential worker on the family farm.

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Image description: Nathan, a farmer, looks out across his farm on a partly cloudy day.


Farm injuries can require long and painful recuperations. Painkillers serve as a tempting path away from the stresses of farm life, but it’s often a dead end. Nathan Casburn finds temporary escape through opioids, but at what cost?

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